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Forest Fair After Party at the Sitzmark
June 30, 2016

Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska, Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska - The Alyeska Resort Blog

As we jump into the 41st Annual Girdwood Forest Fair, the quaint little town of Girdwood easily quadruples in size.     The Girdwood Forest Fair is a 3 day long family event that has become a yearly event, attracting people from all over Alaska. [...]

Forest Fair After Party at the Sitzmark,

Winter Dreamin’ – Season Pass Sale Ends June 30
June 28, 2016

Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska, Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska - The Alyeska Resort Blog

$999 Season Pass Sale. Purchase By June 30!  It may be the middle of summer but ski and snowboard fanatics everywhere always have snow on the back of their minds. Summer is great, it really is, especially in Alaska. The [...]

Winter Dreamin’ – Season Pass Sale Ends June 30,

Winterland – a Tribute Band to a Legendary Band and Venue
June 14, 2016

Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska, Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska - The Alyeska Resort Blog

Live at Winterland, if you were in the “scene” in San Francisco in the 70’s you were and still are aware of what Winterland was, a legendary music venue. Originally built as a theater and ice rink, Winterland was a 5,400-seat [...]

Winterland – a Tribute Band to a Legendary Band and Venue,

Stay In The Know

Alyeska Access Card access card 

Alyeska Resort uses a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) media card System for lift access. When purchasing a lift ticket, you will purchase an Alyeska Access Card at the same time. The Alyeska Access Card is embedded with a radio antenna and a RFID chip. The access gates at the Tram and chairlift stations read the transmissions from the card as you enter the gate and when your card is valid, the gates will open and allow you access.

Where To Purchase
Alyeska Access Cards are available at the Tram Ticket Office and Daylodge Ticket Office. The Alyeska Access Card is reusable and allows you to reload daily lift tickets online or at any Ticket Office location. Keep the same card all season long and save $5 every time you ski or ride.

The following types of Alyeska Access Cards can be reloaded with an ALL Day lift ticket of the same type:

  • Adult All-Day & Half-Day
  • High School All-Day & Half-Day
  • Child All-Day & Half-Day
  • 5 & Under All-Day Only
  • Senior 60+ All-Day & Half-Day
  • Senior 70+ All-Day Only
  • Military All-Day & Half-Day
  • Lower Mountain/Chairs 3 & 7 All Day Only

You can only reload the same ticket type that was originally purchased at an Alyeska Resort Ticket Office. To see what type of lift ticket you have, please reference your Alyeska Access Card. Reload feature will be available starting in November 2011.

About the Alyeska Access Card

How To Wear
We recommend you wear your Alyeska Access Card on the left side of your body for easier scanning. PLEASE keep the Alyeska Access Card away from credit cards, cell phones, iPods, aluminum gum wrappers, avalanche beacons and all other electronic devices that may interfere with signal transmission.

Please do not put a hole in the Alyeska Access Card for any reason. Card pouches are available at the Tram Ticket Office or you may simply place the card in a pocket by itself.

Children of all ages riding the lifts must have their own valid Alyeska Access Card including 5 & under children skiing for free with a ticketed adult. Children must go through the RFID gate by themselves and not at the same time as an adult.

Please do not push the RFID gates as this could cause damage. Damaging the gates will result in loss of skiing and riding privileges.

Direct-to-Lift Access Card - No waiting in the ticket office line!

Upgrade your Alyeska Access Card with Direct-to-Lift benefits. Skip the ticket line plus get the advantage of using your Access Card as a resort credit card at any Alyeska Resort outlets including shops, restaurants and The Spa at Alyeska.

Here's how it works: when you go through the RFID gates, you will automatically be charged for a lift ticket. Your Direct-to Lift Access Card has the security of a season pass with your photo on the card.

Apply for a Direct-to-Lift Access Card at the Tram Ticket Office by filling out a credit application form (must be 18 & over).

  • DTL Access Card holders will be charged depending on the actual time that you go through the RFID gate at any Alyeska lift. between 10:30 am - 12:59 pm = All Day; 1 pm - 3:59 pm = Half Day; 4 pm - 9 pm = Night)
  • DTL Access Card can also sign up for Resort Charge.
  • Must be at least 18 years old. Please fill out a credit application at the Tram Ticket Office.
  • Parents can tie their credit card to their children's DTL Access Card so they can enjoy the same benefit.
  • DTL expires at the end of each ski season, or when the card expires, whichever comes first.
  • One-time $5 fee for the reusable Alyeska Access Card will be added at time of purchase.



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