Alyeska Resort Snow Report Resort Snow Reporten-usFri, 27 Mar 2015 10:37:00 PSTAlyeska Resort Snow Report - 3-27-15 Current Conditions as of 12:37 PM Friday, March 27, 2015 <br/><br/> Base: <br/>     New Snow Last 12h: 0" <br/>     New Snow Last 24h: 0" <br/>     Avg. Snow Depth: 6" <br/>     Temp (F): 37 <br/>     Wind (MPH): 5-10 mph <br/>     Visibility: Fair <br/>     Conditions: Scattered Clouds <br/>     Snow Conditions - Main Trails: Groomed Snow <br/>     Snow Conditions - Off Trail: N/A <br/><br/> Mid Mountain: <br/>     New Snow Last 12h: 1/2" <br/>     New Snow Last 24h: 2" <br/>     Avg. Snow Depth: 32" <br/>     Temp (F): 33 <br/>     Wind (MPH): 5-15 mph <br/>     Visibility: Fair <br/>     Conditions: Scattered Clouds <br/>     Snow Conditions - Main Trails: Fresh Snow <br/>     Snow Conditions - Off Trail: Variable <br/><br/> Top of Glacier Bowl Express: <br/>     New Snow Last 12h: 5" <br/>     New Snow Last 24h: 16" <br/>     Avg. Snow Depth: 90" <br/>     Temp (F): 29 <br/>     Wind (MPH): 5-15 mph <br/>     Visibility: Fair <br/>     Conditions: Scattered Clouds <br/>     Snow Conditions - Main Trails: Fresh Snow <br/>     Snow Conditions - Off Trail: Variable <br/><br/> <hr/> Total Snowfall This Season: 330 " <br/><br/> Mountain Updates: <br/>     At the top of Glacier Bowl Express, there's 5&quot; of new snow in the last 12 hours and a current storm total of 16&quot; in the last 24 hours! Come dressed for the weather today. The snow line is at the base of Glacier Bowl Express. Alyeska is open for top to bottom skiing and riding once again today, so come on out and join us for a day of play. All lifts will be spinning at 10:30am and many continue into night skiing and riding until 9pm. so come join us for a day & night of fun on the mountain. <br/><br/> The Inside Line: <br/>     Calling All Snowboarders! The Alyeska Banked Slalom is just for you. We are hosting <a href=''> The Alyeska Banked Slalom </a> this next Sunday, March 29 at 1pm. Register at either ticket office by 12:30pm that day. There is a $10 entry fee and this event is open only to snowboarders. This isn't just an adult-only event either; it's open to all ages! We have Divisions for Boys and Girls ages 12 & Under, Boys and Girls ages 13-17, Men and Women ages 18-34, and Men and Women ages 35+. This a super fun event to watch as well so put your race face on and come join us for the fun! <br/><br/> Apres Ski: <br/>     <a href=''>Michal Menert</a> is here to rock the stage this weekend, with shows tonight and Saturday night kicking off at 10:00pm and playing into the wee hours of the night! Tickets are $15 at the door, but this is typically a sell-out show so feel free to go <a href=''>Online</a> or call 754-2275 to reserve your tickets in advance. BE SURE To get your tickets squared away for the first weekend of April, where <a href=''>Keller Williams</a> will be rocking out for a two night set on the 3rd and 4th. Don't miss out on your chance to be a Freaker By The Speaker, and get your tickets reserved ahead of time! Check out the <a href=''>Rockstar Packages</a> at the Hotel Alyeska to pair up with your night of music! <br/><br/> Other Info: <br/>     <a href=''>Seven Glaciers</a> is open for lunch and dinner today thru Sunday with seatings from noon to 9:30 pm, please call 754-2237 for reservations or additional details. The <a href=''>Bore Tide Deli</a> is also open at the top of the Tram this weekend, so be sure to drop in for a power lunch of some amazing Boar's Head soups and sandwiches or quick snack from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm. <br/><br/> <hr/> Lift Status as of 9:50 AM Friday, March 27, 2015 <br/><br/> Aerial Tram: <br/>     Day Status: Open <br/>     Night Status: Open <br/> Glacier Bowl Express: <br/>     Day Status: Open <br/>     Night Status: Closed <br/> Ted's Express: <br/>     Day Status: Open <br/>     Night Status: Open <br/> Bear Cub Quad: <br/>     Day Status: Open <br/>     Night Status: Open <br/> Finnland Magic Carpet: <br/>     Day Status: Open <br/>     Night Status: Open <br/> Wade's Way Magic Carpet: <br/>     Day Status: Open <br/>     Night Status: Closed <br/> Chair 7: <br/>     Day Status: Open <br/>     Night Status: Closed <br/> Tanaka: <br/>     Day Status: Closed <br/>     Night Status: Closed <br/>