Alyeska Resort Unveils Bold Expansion Plans and Embraces Community Feedback

Alyeska Resort unveiled its ambitious expansion vision to the Girdwood community at the Sitzmark Bar & Grill on Thursday September 21st, taking a forward-thinking approach to updating the Resort Master Plan developed by previous ownership in 2007. Ryan Pomeroy, CEO of Pomeroy Lodging and the driving force behind Alyeska Resort, expressed “Our commitment is not only to transform The Resort but also to keep the community closely involved in the process. We’re unveiling our preliminary ideas and plans to the community and we genuinely value their feedback.”

Since taking over ownership of the resort in 2019, Pomeroy Lodging has taken several meaningful steps to enhance the resort experience for tourists, locals and employees. The additions of the Alyeska Nordic spa, the Veilbreaker Skybridges, and the newly opened Forte Italian restaurant are just the beginning with further improvements including the Hotel’s Black Diamond Club Lounge and Hotel Guest Room Renovations set to begin coming online later this year.

In addition to guest-facing improvements, Pomeroy recently completed the development of a 71-unit employee housing building, the most meaningful addition to housing supply in Girdwood in recent past.

Altogether, in its first 5 years of owning Alyeska, Pomeroy will have invested approximately $50M into the Resort and the Girdwood Community. Thursday’s presentation offered a sneak peak into what the next phase of investment into the Resort and the Community could look like.   

Attendees of the Community townhall heard from and were able to provide feedback to various members of Pomeroy’s internal team and expert consultants who outlined plans for potential mountain improvements and the three focus areas for development around the Mountain. Ryan Laurie, Director of Asset Management at Pomeroy Lodging, emphasized, “Our path forward prioritizes sustainability, modern design, and community well-being, and Girdwood’s feedback plays a pivotal role in ensuring our developments align with these goals.”

The proposed Resort development includes:

  1. A Community Development Catering to the Local Workforce: Purpose-built rental housing, which will be offered to both employees of the resort and also local Girdwood businesses makes up a significant piece of the proposed development. Adjacent to Moose Meadows, the offering is planned to feature a diverse range of unit-types ranging from studios to townhomes in an effort to provide housing for both individuals and families at affordable rental rates. This community will be anchored by a newly-built Little Bears Daycare Facility and Community Recreation Center with plans to develop a Pool, open-air Hockey Rink and Fitness Area.
  2. A True Resort Village: Situated adjacent to Alyeska Hotel on the doorstep of the Chugach National Forest, this area will introduce fresh opportunities for residential ownership while also providing much-needed commercial spaces to nurture emerging local businesses and communal areas, all aimed at cultivating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.
  3. A New Community next to Glacier Creek: Preserving the natural beauty that exists today on this parcel which was part of the Spring 2021 Heritage Land Bank/Municipality of Anchorage Request for Proposals, this planned neighborhood will be dedicated to low-density development, catering to families who cherish the outdoors. The low-density nature of the development will limit traffic through the area, while also offering the opportunity to integrate and enhance the existing trail systems with the intent of also offering a modest commercial aspect to complement outdoor activities.

The comprehensive development proposal will be executed in a phased approach with the Resort prioritizing community objectives including workforce housing, the new daycare and the recreation center offering on the development-ready, Resort-owned lands in the initial phases. Alternatively, the Glacier Creek Community Parcel, which was not part of the previous Resort Master Plan, will require a more robust multi-year planning process and so will not likely be ready to break ground until the later phases of the overall project, later this decade or early next.

Pomeroy concluded, “We are committed to realizing a vision that elevates Alyeska Resort while deeply resonating with the Girdwood community and enhancing Alaska’s tourism appeal.”

Acknowledging the importance of ongoing engagement, Alyeska Resort plans to continue the dialogue as it begins its application and permitting process with the intent of gathering further comment and insight and partnering with the community on this development.

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