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The healing touch of massage is the perfect way to end an active day on the slopes or the trails at Alyeska Resort. By understanding your specific needs, our massage therapists can customize your session to deliver maximum tension relief and total body relaxation.



50 minutes $114 | 80 minutes $144 | 110 minutes $220

Head to toe, this treatment will relax, align and elongate muscles with long, flowing strokes and gentle stretching while relieving tension and day-to-day stress. Prenatal available upon request.
Upgrades: deep tissue, aromatherapy, or arnica - $20 (50min) / $25 (80 minute) / $30 (110 minute)


80 minutes | $179

The ultimate relaxing experience that combines deep, intensive massage with steaming hot towels steeped in warming herbs and essences of Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme. Tension deep within spinal muscles is unraveled with an anti-inflammatory Arnica Gel in this powerful therapeutic treatment. An intensive treatment designed to focus on soothing sore muscles by releasing constrictions to the paraspinal muscles with an anti-inflammatory herbal gel.


80 Minutes | $179

Enjoy this organic form of massage, where heated stones applied to the body stimulate the circulatory system, relax tense muscles, release toxins, and create a feeling of peacefulness.


80 Minutes | $179
This deeply restorative, pampering experience will envelop you in Rose scents from start to finish. A hydrating floral scented back treatment brings serenity while extra attention is paid to nourishing dry skin with ultra-moisturizing rose cream and releasing tight muscles with targeted rose oil massage. This is also a recommended treatment for our prenatal clients.


80 Minutes | $189
A hands-on therapeutic massage is combined with the powerful force of water and the added experience of the Vichy room sprays. An unforgettable complement to any treatment, this water based massage creates an unexpected level of detoxification washing stress and toxins away with the powerful flow of water.

spa_couplescandlesMassage Upgrades

AROMATHERAPY - This deeply revitalizing treatment uses aromatherapy to unwind the body, re-boot the mind and transform stress into balance. Choose from four aromatherapy blends, featuring ingredients such as warm and grounding Cardamom, calming Neroli, clarifying Balsam Fir and energizing Holy Basil.

DEEP TISSUE - Reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia and address chronic aches and pains. Your therapist will work with you to create a therapeutic and healing experience.

ARNICA - Created especially for athletes and for faster recovery, this intensive healing oil treatment is designed to relax muscles and stiff joints . Great on its own or to along with a Deep Tissue upgrade for the ultimate sports muscle care massage.



50 Minutes $249 | 80 Minutes $309
110 Minutes $475 for 2 people
Celebrate life together surrounded by the reflection and warmth of candles and soothing music. Relax with a special couples massage and escape the day-to-day.

Upgrades: Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, or Arnica: $20 (50min) / $25 (80 minute) / $30 (110 minute) per person

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