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Fitness Classes

Offered Through The Spa at Alyeska | In the Summit Studio at The Hotel Alyeska (8th floor)
Purchase your class pass at the Spa or Concierge Desk prior to each session.

Yoga Sessions and Pilates

Alyeska offers a variety of Vinyasa flow yoga sessions tailored to the needs of all levels of students.  Vinyasa yoga links breath and movement, strengthening and opening the body while calming the mind. Expect the unexpected in this fun and creative practice!

Pilates classes at Alyeska tone and strengthen your core and entire body with a traditional method mat and barre exercises.  Each class will be customized to the season, activities, and experience level of attendees.

Class Schedule
Tuesday - 9:30 am - Pilates
Tuesday - 5:30 pm - Yoga 
Wednesday - 9:30 am - Yoga
Thursday - 6:30 pm - Yoga
Friday - 9:30 am - Pilates
Saturday - 8:30 am - Yoga
Saturday - 1 pm - Pilates 
Sunday- 9:00 am- Yoga

Class Rate 
Yoga Session Only: $15 per session | $120 ten time punch pass
Please stop by Concierge Desk or The Spa to purchase

Private Yoga Session
Expand and evolve your practice with one-on-one private yoga, uniquely structured to meet your specific needs. Private yoga provides a setting in which your individuality can be addressed through private instruction and students can expect a gradually increase in strength, endurance and range of motion. Lessons are based upon availability and advanced booking is required.