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Alyeska Mountain Patrol

In Case of Emergency: 907-754-2500
If you are on the mountain and need help, or if you find an injured hiker or biker in your travels you can tip us off with a phone call to our Accident Reporting hotline.

Mountain Patrol is available on Saturdays & Sundays

Who are we?

Summer PatrolWe are a group of highly dedicated individuals that work hard to provide a safe, fun and enjoyable environment for all of our guests on the mountain. Our team is comprised of hikers, bikers and ATV/Jeep operators who roam the mountain, assisting guests whenever needed. We are comprised of both Pro Patrol paid staff and National Ski Patrol Volunteers

Alyeska Pro Patrol
Full and Part time paid positions covering the mountain seven days a week from the beginning until the end of the mountain bike season during operating hours.

Volunteer Patrol
National Ski Patrol Volunteers that supplement our staff during busy times like weekends and holidays. When Alyeska’s visitor numbers swell, the Volunteer Patrol plays a crucial role in our ability to provide adequate Ski Patrol coverage for the entire mountain.

What do we do?

Patrollers provide assistance to anyone, especially mountain bikers and hikers, by offering information, aid and assistance, provide directions, help with minor repairs, and provide first aid. 

Summer PatrolWhile out hiking or biking on the mountain, be sure to be prepared for adverse weather, which can roll in at any time. It’s always a good idea to wear sturdy footwear, pack a rain coat, and take plenty of water. For updated hiking and biking information, be sure to check the trail kiosks located at the base of the Daylodge, Sitzmark and Hotel.

If there is an emergency and/or you need assistance, dial 754-2500 to be directly connected with Alyeska Mountain Patrol

First Aid
We provide basic medical treatment for injured bikers and hikers, a free service provided by Alyeska Resort. Alyeska Mountain Patrol trains each spring and continually during the season to keep up with any changing protocols within the Outdoor Emergency Care curriculum and to keep our skills sharp. Additional to the OEC certification that we all carry, many of our patrollers hold other certifications and licenses such as WFR, EMT I, II, III, Paramedic, and Physician’s Assistant.

We train in many types of extrication methods and use a variety of tools and equipment to transport a person in need to the base area from anywhere within our boundaries. At the base area we may use an ATV or Jeep for transportation and occasionally we use the litter with a wheel to transport patients in locations that are inaccessible by vehicle.  As the difficulty of the terrain compounds, we begin using ropes and high angle rescue techniques such as complex multi-anchor mechanical advantage systems to aid our rescue efforts.

Summer PatrolLift Evacuation 
Alyeska Resort has three chairlifts that accommodate mountain bikers. In the event of a mechanical issue, Ted's Express and Glacier Bowl Express are designed to run in reverse. If any of our lifts experience a mechanical issue and are unable to run while they are loaded, we will always be here to evacuate the lifts. In the event of an evacuation, please remain in your chair until you are contacted by Alyeska Mountain Patrol.

One of the best things about Alyeska is the opportunity to view wildlife all over the mountain. While out hiking and biking, be bear and moose aware. Upon any encounter with wildlife, be sure to give them plenty of space. If you have a dog, keep them on a leash and close to you. If an animal is acting aggressive, it is best to leave it alone and walk away.

Where are we?

We are out hiking, biking and driving around the mountain of course! We also have patrol stations around the mountain stocked with medical and rescue equipment appropriate for its location.

First Aid Room
This is our base area headquarters and the location we transport all patients to from the hill. To contact the Aid Room by phone call 907-754-2270.

The Roundhouse Ski Patrol Dispatch 
Located on the bottom floor of the Historical Roundhouse Building, this is where all of our communications centralize.

Top of Two Patrol Station 
The building we call home for our Top Patrol Station is the top lift station of the original Chair Two, the base of which was destroyed by an avalanche in 1974. It is from this point that we prepare to respond to anything in our open area.

Don Spencer's Shelter
This is a new Patrol station for summer 2017 and named after the late Volunteer Patrol Representative Don Spencer, who passed away in the spring of 2016. This Patrol station is located at the top of the Ted’s Express lift.