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Children Ages 4 & 5

Cub  |  Level 1-3  (See descriptions below )

Supercub  |  Level 4-6 (See descriptions below )

Children Ages 6 to 12 & Adults 13+

Level 1  
I have never skied before. Introduction and familiarization of beginner area and equipment.
Goals: Learn to stand, climb, skate, stop and introduction to wedge turns easy Green terrain

Level 2 
I can make wedge turns on easy Green terrain.
Goals: Make controlled linked wedge turns on easy Green terrain.

Level 3 
I can link wedge turns on Green terrain.
Goals: Varied turn shapes and introduction to parallel turns.

Level 4 
I'm confident with beginner parallel turns on easy Blue Terrain. My skis start the turn in a wedge and end the turn parallel.
Goals: Working on earlier matching of skis to advance the parallel turn.

Level 5/6 
I can make parallel turns most of the time, occasionally starting in a wedge. I use my poles in time with my turns, and I’m comfortable on all Blue Terrain.
Goals: Master parallel turns on Blue Terrain with varied turn shapes.

Level 7/8 
I can ski parallel on all Blue Terrain in varied snow conditions. I can make short, medium and long radius turns.
Goals: Introduction to bumps and Black Diamond Terrain.

Level 9
Ready to master all terrain and snow conditions. I am a strong skier and am able to make carved turns, in a variety of radius, on all groomed terrain. I can ski all off piste terrain with speed and confidence and using different turn types.


Children Ages 5 to 7

Mini Rider I
I have never been on a snowboard, or cannot stop independently.
GoalsHave fun familiarizing with the mountain environment and equipment. Learn to slide and stop independently on easy Green terrain.

Mini Rider II
I’ve taken a lesson before. I’m working on controlling my speed and turning on heel & toe edges.
Goals: Learn to link turns on easy Green terrain.
Note:  Some experienced Mini Riders can already link turns on Blue & Green Terrain.

Children Ages 8 to 12 & Adults 13+

Level 1
I have never been on a snowboard. Introduction & familiarization of beginner area and equipment.
GoalsLearn to stand, climb, skate, stop and start to make direction changes on easy Green terrain.

Level 2
I have snowboarded before but I'm not comfortable riding on both my heel and toe edges and/or not linking heel side and toe side turns.
Goals: Linking turns with control on easy Green terrain.

Level 3
I am able to link turns on all Green terrain.
Goals: Working towards mastering varied turn shapes on easy blue terrain.

Level 4
I'm comfortable riding Blue terrain.
Goals: Working on mastering varied snow conditions, turn shapes, introduction to bumps & Black Terrain, master carving.

Level 5
I'm comfortable riding Black terrain.
Goals: Master varied snow conditions & bumps on Black Terrain.

Level 6
I'm able to ride the entire mountain in all conditions.

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